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At IFFDC we run European and International football tours whether you are a professional club looking for a preseason tour camp or a non professional small team, we can accommodate your tour giving your players a unique experience.
During your tour all of our facilities are available to your players including 4G/grass pitches, FootGolf, 18 hole golf course, hotel, sports bar and restaurant.
Call our team to discuss prices and availability or complete one of the enquiry forms below.

About Us


Where is IFFDC?
IFFDC has many campuses around the world, Merseyside in the UK and Carrollton, Texas, USA are their main locations at the moment.

What is IFFDC?
IFFDC is a brand that is committed to the growth and development of football and futsal players, providing campuses for players to train and expand their academic and sporting abilities.

What does IFFDC stand for?
IFFDC stand for International football and Futsal Development Campus.

What is Euro Athletic Park ?
Euro Athletic Park is the company behind IFFDC, you can see the corporate site here

What facilities do IFFDC have onsite?
IFFDC in Merseyside is equipped with a school for academic advancements in students, a residential area for students, a hotel along with 10 grass pitches, 2 street soccer pitches and a 2 new 3G football pitches.

Where can I find information for the IFFDC School?
The IFFDC School has its own website which is filled with information. You can find this in the top menu bar.

Can the public use the pitches at the campus?
The football and futsal facilities at the campus are not yet open to the public but further plans to open these pitches are currently in progress.

How can I contact IFFDC?
You can find the details to call a specific campus in the Our Facilities section. Alternatively, you can email


IFFDC will asisst in the development of local and non local young footballers and futsallers that may not have found their level with a professional club by offering the access to clubs at all professional levels worldwide through our established network. At IFFDC we believe that despite the huge number of players recruited by pro clubs, the time and patience needed with an individual player is not always given mainly due to pressures within the club environment. Young players all develop at different times and sometimes just need individual training plans in order to correct a weakness in their game.

We will aim to correct the weakness in a player and then help them find their level in the game with a club that suits there playing and physical ability or if the player is happy with IFFDC stay with us and enjoy the experience we can offer without the pressure of being released prematurely hanging over them.

For any investor relations or corporate information please visit this Euro Athletic Park website (below)

Euro Athletic Park

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For any enquiries, questions etc. you can contact IFFDC

2815 Valley View
Suite 101

TX 75234

  • St Helens Rd
    Saint Helens, Merseyside

    Dallas, TX, USA

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